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Zane Zumbhalen


Zane believes in using Heart and Science in leadership and in managing the workforce. This encompasses emotional intelligence, vulnerability, the value of diversity, and servant leadership. It also includes analytical insights, ROI / business case development, leveraging artificial intelligence, and strategic transformation. He uses this combination to drive peak performance for organizations, teams and individuals. With 25 years of human resources experience, Zane has worked across industries (hardware, software, services, consulting, research), geographies (living in the US, Sweden, and Japan - and covering global teams in several roles), and functional areas (generalist, talent / workforce strategy, compensation, M&A / divestitures, diversity, talent acquisition, etc.). Zane has a BS in Psychology from the University of Illinois and an MS in Human Resources & Labor Relations from Michigan State University.

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I'm excited about working with teams and organizations to accomplish what they previously didn't think possible”.

— Zane

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